“The heart and soul of an online course…

"The heart and soul of an online course is not the lecture, the delivery, the audio or video. Rather, it is the interactions between the participants and the teacher, as well as the interaction among the participants themselves." William Draves and Julie Coates

Palloff & Pratt on the virtual student

The Virtual Student. A Profile and Guide to Working with Online Learners. Rena M. Palloff, Keith Pratt Jossey Bass 2003, 191 pages ISBN: 0787964743 As its title rightly says, this is not a book for students, but for faculty and lecturers on how to deal with online students. However, at the end of the book… Continue reading Palloff & Pratt on the virtual student

How to become a proficient online learner, by Jim Flores

How to become a proficient online learner Jim Flores Authorhouse / 1stBooks 2004, 137 pages ISBN: 1414054521 Aimed specifically at the online student. Jim Flores's experience as an online student and an online instructor makes the contents extremely candid and valuable, telling in a direct language what it takes to be an online student and… Continue reading How to become a proficient online learner, by Jim Flores

Proficient or successful?

How to become a successful online studentĀ (Duquesne University) Nifty brochure with high-quality content on becoming a proficient online student (I prefer to avoid 'successful' because proficiency or competence depends mostly on oneself, whereas success mostly depends on others and on external factors... let's not mislead online learners and better tell them what they can do… Continue reading Proficient or successful?