Before implementing e-learning or e-training…

Preparing Learners for e-Learning

George M. Piskurich (ed.)

Pfeiffer, 2003, 180 pages
ISBN: 0-7879-6396-8


This book is excellent reading before designing and implementing online courses if you are an instructor, faculty, higher education institution or firm. And do not think for a moment that being a 2003 book means that it is outdated, because it is full of the right wisdom on online learning that we all are looking for-and think that should be more widespread!

Preparing Learners for e-Learning provides information and guidance for dealing with key issues that should be taken care of so that methodology and support in your course/s enables your students to perform properly, not left to their own means but prepared and supported. The book chapters, written by renowned scholars, deal with preparing learners for their performance from various perspectives such as self-direction in one’s own learning, online learning readiness, learner orientation and guidelines, essential skills for online learning, and others.