Palloff & Pratt on the virtual student

The Virtual Student.
A Profile and Guide to Working with Online Learners.
Rena M. Palloff, Keith Pratt

Jossey Bass
2003, 191 pages
ISBN: 0787964743

As its title rightly says, this is not a book for students, but for faculty and lecturers on how to deal with online students. However, at the end of the book the authors provide a compendium of resources for the online learner: The Toolkit for a successful online student.

This is a terribly useful book. It is full of teaching experience, common sense and the right advice. Overall it deals with online learner’s traits, their performance in an online community of learning, possible learning styles and other related topics. An important contribution of this book is their expert advice on how to deal with online students from a learner-centred methodology.